2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    Oct 18, 2018  
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PHYS 071 PO - Introductory Classical Mechanics

CrsNo PHYS071 PO

When Offered: Each spring.

Instructor(s): T. Moore

An introduction to classical mechanics, emphasizing the centrality of the fundamental conservation laws of Newtonian mechanics and focusing on applying Newton’s Laws of Motion and their consequences to standard physical systems such as the simple harmonic oscillator and planetary motion. Prerequisites: PHYS 070 PO and completion of/or concurrent enrollment in one of the following: MATH 030 PO , MATH 031 PO , MATH 031H PO , MATH 031S PO , MATH 032 PO  or MATH 032S PO . First years only; others only with permission. Half course.

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