2012-13 Pomona College Catalog 
    Oct 18, 2018  
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PHYS 041 PO - General Physics with Laboratory

CrsNo PHYS041 PO

When Offered: Each spring.

Instructor(s): A. Zook

Calculus-based introductory physics for non-majors. PHYS 41 focuses on Newtonian mechanics and thermodynamics; PHYS 042 PO focuses on electricity & magnetism and waves. Both courses highlight the physical principles behind modern instrumentation in geology, chemistry, biology and other scientific disciplines and biomedical applications are discussed. Prerequisites: completion of/or concurrent enrollment in one of the following: MATH 030 PO , MATH 031 PO , MATH 031H PO , MATH 031S PO , MATH 032 PO  or MATH 032S PO .

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