MATH029 PO - Calculus and Applied Mathematics for Science and Economics

When Offered: Each fall.
Instructor(s): E. Flapan; Adolfo Rumbos
Credit: 1

This course will introduce students to calculus and teach students to solve quantitative problems arising in science and economics. Topics covered will include unit conversions, proportions, concentrations, significant figures, exponents, logarithms, word problems, systems of linear equations, a brief look at trigonometry, an introduction to derivatives, rates of change, anti-derivatives, definite integrals and area under a curve. This course is a good option for students interested in careers in the health sciences and economics. Students who took Calculus in high school and want more experience in applied problem solving can take MATH029 PO followed by MATH 031 PO .
Satisfies the following General Education Requirement(s), subject to conditions explained in the Degree Requirements section of this Catalog:
Area 5

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